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EuroMir Acrylic Colour Mirror Sheet

EuroMir is a high quality, European grade acrylic mirror. It is available in a range of colours, in both gloss and satin finishes, and comes with a tough durable back coating.

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Product Details

EUROMIR Mirror offers a combination of the lightweight, excellent shatter-resistant qualities of acrylic plastic with reflectance. Because acrylic has a relatively soft surface and is flexible, some imperfections or distortion may occur. EUROMIR Mirror should not be used where precise image reflectance is required, except in relatively small components. An appropriate thickness should be determined prior to cutting.

EUROMIR Mirror is also recommended for outdoor use and can not be hollow punched, but can be router, saw or laser cut. Some adhesives attack the mirrored surface, therefore we recommend testing expendable pieces at least 84 hours in advance to determine suitability. Moreover, solvent gluing at edges may cause crazing.

EUROMIR Mirror is a combustible thermoplastic. Precautions should be used to protect the material from flames and high heat sources. Any significant coverage of interior wall or ceiling areas will be subject to approval under local building and/or fire codes governing interior finish applications.

Material should be stored in a cool, dry area. The change in humidity levels causes the biggest variation in thickness and size. The material should be stored flat and over wrapped with plastic to minimize absorption of water vapour.

Protective film should not be removed until manufacturing is complete. Handle with care during manufacturing and handling of both sided of mirror sheet.

EUROMIR Mirror is intended primarily for relatively small areas like interior fittings for decoration, display, visual merchandising, store design, and/or where safety requires the shatter resistance of acrylic plastic sheet.

Thickness    3mm

Size              300 x 600mm

Technical Data


  • Standard normal sizes: 1525 x 2030mm
  • Standard colours: Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey, Anthracite, Red, Purple,Orange, Green, Pink Rose, Yellow, Sky Blue, Blue, Night Blue, Amber,
  • Standard thickness: 3 mm


  • Lightweight;
  • Break resistance : can be 10 times more break resistant anhdas 17 times greater impact resistance than glass of equal thickness;
  • Cold formable: simple curves of not less than 1.150 mm radius for a thickness of 3 mm
  • Easily fabricated: scribe and breakc,ut with power saw using veneer type blades, and drill with soft metal bits or special bits. Mirrored acrylic can be cold bent for curved shapes or strip heated for a sharp bend;
  • Surface decoration: painting, stencilling, appliqués, engraving, hot stamping;
  • Cleaning: EUROMIR Mirror should be cleaned by applying a suitable acrylic polish (i.e. Plexus) to the front surface of the mirror and wiping with a soft clean, grit free cloth

Like all plastic materials, mirrored acrylic will react when exposed to certain chemicals. Below is a partial list of chemicals known to react with acrylic mirrors; exposure to them should be avoided. External factors such as fabrication stresses, exposure to loads or changing temperatures, and the method of application can influence the possible reaction as well. Care should be taken with dry chemicals or solvents used near the mirrored acrylic at all times.



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