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Adhesive Applicator Plexiglass glue applicator 22 Gauge.

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Acrylic applicator 2-oz bottle with one 22 gauge neddle


Open cap and partially fill bottle with solvent using a funnel, or with cap in place, squeeze bottle, immerse needle tip into solvent, and release pressure on bottle. The solvent will be drawn up through needle. For best results, do not fill bottle completely.


Pieces to be bonded must be in their final assembled position, with support


Squeeze some air out of partially filled bottle before inverting for better flow control
To apply, invert bottle and squeeze gently while running it along the joint.

Clean up :

Return unused solvent cement to original container, tightly closing the lid to prevent evaporation
Flush out needle with water to prevent clogging
Replace plastic cap on needle to prevent damage or injury
Store in cool, dry place



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