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Acrylic Extruded Black Rod Dia. 4 to 6mm Pack

Extruded acrylic black rods are available up to 18mm, and are supplied with a highly polished, brilliant surface and pure dark black colour

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Acrylic rod and tube provide good optical clarity, excellent UV properties, high impact resistance, and superb weathering ability. Rods are available in a variety of custom and standard thicknesses and sizes.

Surface Finish   Gloss Finish

Colour                Black

Product dimension is displayed as the following:

OD = outside diameter, Length, Pack size

Cut-to-size is available when request, additional charge may apply

2 Metres rods, please choose full size/ 2m shipping option

Product images are for illustrative purposes only

  • Aquariums Displays
  • Fountains Furniture
  • Optical lenses
  • Port hole windows
  • Sight glass
  • Scientific applications Vacuum chambers
  • Bio-safety chambers

Tolerances of Acrylic Rod - Extruded
Diameter (mm)     Tolerance
3-90                      +/- 0.5(mm)

Edge Finishes      Saw cut

Fabrication Options Available (Additional Charge)

  • Drilling
  • Cutting
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