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Premium Glitter Flake Acrylic Sheet II

Glitter acrylic series offers designers interesting new visual effects in plastic

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Product Details

Acrylic offers high light transmission and can be easily formed without loss of optical clarity. Exposure to moisture or total immersion in water does not significantly affect the mechanical or optical properties.

Premium Acrylic Coloured Glitter Flake Sheet

Thickness 3mm

Finish Gloss


Colour in stock

Size    300 x 600mm

           300 x 300mm

  • Capri
  • Azure
  • Electric
  • Cotton Candy
  • American Violet & Gold
  • Bitter Lim
  • Dodger Blue
  • Russian Gold
  • Bright Orchid

Product images are for illustrative purposes only

Glitter acrylic can be cut, drilled, routed, laser cut, glued, formed, hot stamped, and silk screened like any other standard acrylic sheet. It is also ideal in applications that require other acrylic products to be used in combination with the Glitter without the need for mechanical fasteners or complex adhesives.

Important to note

By nature of the manufacturing process, will be subject to variations in thickness slightly beyond what is commonly experienced with extruded or continuous cast acrylic sheet. This is to be expected and is the nature of the material.

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