Polycarbonate Sheet > Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Clear Sheet 1220x2440x4.5mm
Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Clear Sheet 1220x2440x4.5mm

Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Clear Sheet 1220x2440x4.5mm

Product Code: Lexan MR10 Hard Poly
Lexan MR10 Hard Poly Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Sheet is an impact resistant polycarbonate sheet manufactured with a unique hard coat surface which is applied to both sides, Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Sheets provide excellent scratch, chemical and U
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Mar/UV-resistant Lexan MR10 sheet combines the impact strength of Lexan polycarbonate sheet with a proprietary abrasion/UV resistant surface that approaches glass in performance. Lexan MR10 Sheet with Margard coating backed by a ten-year limited warranty against yellowing, abrasion resistance, breakage, loss of light transmission, and coating failure£.) Lexan MR10 sheet's unique coating is graffiti- resistant enabling restoration to a like-new condition. In addition, Lexan MR10 sheet offers improved resistance to weathering as well as forced-entry protection. It is an excellent candidate for use in stores, public buildings, schools, bus shelters and other high traffic areas. Lexan MR10 sheet is for transparent applications only. Because of its high mar-resistant surface, paint, adhesives and other materials will not adhere to its surface. The coating is applied to both sides, therefore helps eliminate second-surface decoration. Also due to its mar-resistant coating, Lexan MR10 sheet cannot be cold-formed.

Additional Info:

Key Benefits of Lexan MR10 Sheet:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant
  • High transparency
  • High impact resistant

Lexan MR10 Hard Polycarbonate Applications:

  • Machine guards
  • Prison windows
  • Noise walls
  • Bus shelters

Key Features

Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity: g/cm³ 1.2
Max Continuous Operating Temp: °C 110
Max Short Term Operating Temp (3-4hrs): °C 120
Tensile Strength: Mpa 70
Impact Resistance Charpy Unnotched: KJ/m² 9
Hardness: Rockwell M 75
Co-efficient of thermal expansion: m/(m.k) x 10¯6 70
Dielectric Strength: KV/mm 28
Surface Resistivity: Ohms >10^15
Flammability UL94: HB
Food Grade: FDA No
Impact Resistance Charpy Notched: KJ/m² 20

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